[izpack-devel] Adding XInclude support

Tino Schwarze berlios.de at tisc.de
Wed Dec 12 10:23:19 CET 2007

On Wed, Dec 12, 2007 at 01:18:42AM -0800, Matthew Fudge wrote:

> XInclude is designed by committee so yes it probably is overkill :)
> Lack of namespace support will mean that the include element will be hardcoded in the xml parser. It won't be 
> able to be used for anything else :( I don't think that this is a particularly large problem for izpack though.
> So, if I do this two elements <include> and <fragment> will become reserved element names (actually there is a 
> third called <fallback> which will also have special meaning but only within an include element.

I'd rather not use <include> - it is used for <fileset> etc. already.
Better use <xmlinclude> or <xinclude> and <xmlfragment> instead.




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