[izpack-devel] Adding XInclude support

Matthew Fudge matfud at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 12 10:18:42 CET 2007

Hi Julien,

XInclude is designed by committee so yes it probably is overkill :)

Lack of namespace support will mean that the include element will be hardcoded in the xml parser. It won't be 
able to be used for anything else :( I don't think that this is a particularly large problem for izpack though.

So, if I do this two elements <include> and <fragment> will become reserved element names (actually there is a 
third called <fallback> which will also have special meaning but only within an include element.



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Hi Matt,

> a) Is a change like this likely to be accepted?

Yes, although XInclude may be too big for the task, and ...

> b) namespace support seems really limited in nanoxml when used in
 IzPack. I'm not seeing any. Am I missing something?

... nanoxml doesn't indeed support namespaces.

> c) Is it preferable to make changes to the nanoxml packages or the
 izPack packages. I'm asking because it makes little difference to the
> code and many people prefer to keep third party source as original as

NanoXML is not developed anymore, so you can make changes there if you
want. The thing is to make it lightweight enough.

Or maybe a <include (...)> style tag would be just enough?

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