[izpack-devel] Distrubuted install.xml files ...

Syed khadeer.syed at siemens.com
Wed Jan 3 13:17:30 CET 2007


I am new to IzPack.
I was evaluating the Open Source installers available and came across IzPack.

One of my requirements is that I don’t want to maintain a bulky install.xml 
containing everything I want to package.
Instead, I want the developers to maintain this information for their 
respective components.

Ex: I want to install a product which contains 10 components.
	Instead of maintaining one single install.xml file which contain the 
info of all 10 components (Packs), I want to create 10 additional install.xml 
file each dealing with the specific pack.
	With this the responsibility of managing the Component's installation 
related information is with the component developer.
	I should only be required to maintain one single central installation 
xml file which refers to the individual 10 component install.xml files.

To achieve this, I added a new attribute (similar to "Pack" element) 
under "Packs".
		<refpack file="@VOB_ROOT/Syed/extendedInstall.xml"/>

<refpack> tag is a reference to a pack defined in another xml.

I have added about 40 lines of code to 
com.izforge.izpack.compiler.CompilerConfig class in addPacks() method.

Question: Is there a better way to realize my requirement with existing 
feature set of IzPack ?
		If not, how do I contribute this code change to IzPack ?

Thank you very much in advance and help.

Best Regards,

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