[izpack-devel] patch for improved handling of file's unpack attribute

Nils Meier nils at meiers.net
Wed Jan 3 21:07:51 CET 2007


A little while a go a patch from me was incorporated which made it to the trunk recently. 

The patch adds support for handling a file's unpack attribute - any archive specified with this attribute is unpacked into temporary files and the files added by the compiler individually.

I've discovered that if there's a problem with that temporary file generation that the the exception message is not helpful (was using nightly builds on sourceforge and the tmp directory apparently was full - the solution to specify a -Djava.io.tmpdir=something didn't occur right away because the IO exception was ambiguois).

The attached patch makes sure to check for IO problems when unpacking an archive and throwing a IO exception that tells what's going on.

Suggest to incorporate that on trunk.


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