[izpack-devel] No more bugs/features/patches tracking

Grégory Joseph gregory.joseph at magnolia.info
Sun Jan 7 18:18:14 CET 2007

> We have mailing-list archives ;-)

Which have no clue about what bugs, improvements, software versions,  
releases, etc... are ;)

> I admit that it is not as good as using Trac or JIRA for linking stuff
> with SVN, but the BerliOS managers where not convenient. People have
> been sending patches/bugs directly to this list for a few months and
> the least we can say is that we have been more productive than if
> people drop it to the managers...

I totally understand your point, but I just wanted to stress the fact  
that you might want a better solution ;)
(to take a concrete example, I have no clue wether the patch I sent  
on Dec.14 was ever applied, applied as is, improved or rejected - nor  
do i know in what version it'll be there)

I think using the right tools will help you improve quality and  
processes in general. Ask any woodworker ;) Did you consider changing  
hosting services?



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