[izpack-devel] No more bugs/features/patches tracking

Julien Ponge julien.ponge at gmail.com
Sun Jan 7 18:28:29 CET 2007

> (to take a concrete example, I have no clue wether the patch I sent
> on Dec.14 was ever applied, applied as is, improved or rejected - nor
> do i know in what version it'll be there)

It looks like it did not went through. I suggest that you send it
again against the latest trunk if you can ;-)

I recently registered to the lists using GMail and it improves my
efficiency in tracking/handling patches sent to the list. It works
much better than a silly patches tracker or a traditionnal email

> I think using the right tools will help you improve quality and
> processes in general. Ask any woodworker ;) Did you consider changing
> hosting services?

Well this is a fairly complex topic as we have the lists here, the
whole CVS and now SVN history... We have always been well treated here
at BerliOS and other providers don't seem to have a significant
features edge that would justify a move.

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