[izpack-devel] No more bugs/features/patches tracking

Bartz, Klaus Klaus.Bartz at coi.de
Mon Jan 8 11:28:26 CET 2007

at 2006.12.15 I have looked a little bit into the sources, but
not tested etc. What I have seen was, that a check in should be done
after check in of the new logging stuff and addaption of the patch
to this.
After the date I have had no time to do the needed work. Sorry,
I will look whether I can do it now, or not.



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>> (to take a concrete example, I have no clue wether the patch I sent
>> on Dec.14 was ever applied, applied as is, improved or rejected - nor
>> do i know in what version it'll be there)
>It looks like it did not went through. I suggest that you send it
>again against the latest trunk if you can ;-)
>I recently registered to the lists using GMail and it improves my
>efficiency in tracking/handling patches sent to the list. It works
>much better than a silly patches tracker or a traditionnal email
>> I think using the right tools will help you improve quality and
>> processes in general. Ask any woodworker ;) Did you consider changing
>> hosting services?
>Well this is a fairly complex topic as we have the lists here, the
>whole CVS and now SVN history... We have always been well treated here
>at BerliOS and other providers don't seem to have a significant
>features edge that would justify a move.
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