[izpack-devel] Next release will be 3.10.0

Markus Schlegel markus.schlegel at pulinco.com
Mon Jan 8 14:48:19 CET 2007

Hi Julien, klaus

I postet 6 patches on 7. Dec 06.
3 of them have been applied (Julien and Klaus did it I think), but
others not.

Is there a chance, that you can apply the remaining ones?

2/6 "loose"-feature fix: pending. The "loose"-feature does simply not
work correct without this patch, can not live without this fix.
3/6 troubleshoot support: not a high priority one, may better wait onto
logging api ?
5/6 LanguageFromOs setting: The second version postet on 12.12.06 uses
guiprefs modifier and uses the same default as before as klaus proposed
to do so. It's just an enhancement that can be included without any
impact on existing installers.



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Hi everybody,

As mentionned in the title, the next release will be 3.10.0 instead of
3.9.1 as initially planned. The obvious reason is that it will contain
new features, hence it cannot be labelled as a maintainance release.

I have handled the patch queue, many thanks to the people who have sent
patches :-)

Please keep in mind that the planned 'features freeze' and first RC is
for Jan 15th.

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