[izpack-devel] Next release will be 3.10.0

Markus Schlegel markus.schlegel at pulinco.com
Mon Jan 8 17:17:21 CET 2007

About 5/6:

It's just unnatural for me, that I can decide which panels to show, but
I can not decide if IzPack shows the Language selection.
I have to admit, that you will neither gain nor loose users if you do
include the feature, but I think this is a clean enhancement - and I
have added a proposal for the documentation too.

Apart from that, I am a bit disappointed from the project's
"management". If there are so few developers that can commit to the
project, they shoud have enough time to do so. Also I know exactly that
time is spare in our business (I too have not that much time of corse).
Maybe you should consider having more commiters in the project if you
have no time to do the things yourself. Vladimir is probably one that
could help saving time in the project.

Don't get me wrong, I have no experience with Opensource projects. I can
not say how other projects handle this. It's just my  "first thought"
after seeing so much "I have no time to do it" on the mailinglist. Also
I know that putting more resources into a project is not the silver


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Hi Markus,
as often, context related.



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>Hi Julien, klaus
>I postet 6 patches on 7. Dec 06.
>3 of them have been applied (Julien and Klaus did it I think), but 
>others not.
>Is there a chance, that you can apply the remaining ones?
>2/6 "loose"-feature fix: pending. The "loose"-feature does simply not 
>work correct without this patch, can not live without this fix.

Not my "road works"...

>3/6 troubleshoot support: not a high priority one, may better wait onto

>logging api ?

I agree. In the moment Elmar has no access to the repository, therefore
I have to find the time to do it.

>5/6 LanguageFromOs setting: The second version postet on 12.12.06 uses 
>guiprefs modifier and uses the same default as before as klaus proposed

>to do so. It's just an enhancement that can be included without any 
>impact on existing installers.

You know I have an other position about this point as you. This is a
behavior which will be not common for IzPack else a balcony for you and
may be few others. It is a predicament for IzPack: on one hand we tend
to make our users happy, on the other hand we have to make sure that the
code will be clean. You can find offences for both, you know. 
Additonal I hate to write docu for features I do not like or let get
beef for it. Therefore Julien have to determine whether include it or

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>Subject: [izpack-devel] Next release will be 3.10.0
>Hi everybody,
>As mentionned in the title, the next release will be 3.10.0 instead of
>3.9.1 as initially planned. The obvious reason is that it will contain 
>new features, hence it cannot be labelled as a maintainance release.
>I have handled the patch queue, many thanks to the people who have sent

>patches :-)
>Please keep in mind that the planned 'features freeze' and first RC is 
>for Jan 15th.
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