[izpack-devel] [izpack-users] IzPack 3.10.0-RC1 available for testing

Julien Ponge julien.ponge at gmail.com
Tue Jan 16 10:15:54 CET 2007

Sure, here is the list of changes from:

- Added docu: executeForPack, executeclass,logfiledir  for
ProcessPanel (Fabrice Mirabile)
- Added docu: createForUnselectedPack for UserInputPanel (Fabrice Mirabile)
- Added DataCheckPanel (Fabrice Mirabile & Hal Vaughan)
- Bugfix at using OS dependant panels; dtd adapted to implementation of it
  (Klaus Bartz, thanks to Francois Guillet).
- Added Rulesengine, Conditions, panelconditions (Dennis Reil)
- Fix DestroyButton in UninstallerFrame clickable only once (Dennis Reil)
- Added conditions to UserInputPanel-fields (Dennis Reil)
- Heading panel strings can be depend on the panelid (Klaus Bartz, thanks
  to Stefan Wachter).
- Registry access extended to keys and values directly under a root key
  (Klaus Bartz, thanks to Markus Schlegel).
- Added dtd for conditions (Dennis Reil)
- Added support for panelid in InstallerImage-Definition (Dennis Reil)
- Added support for customicons (Dennis Reil)
- Fixed the DesktopShortcutCheckboxEnabled Builtin Variable in docu
(Fabrice Mirabile)
- Fixed build.xml (PathSelectionPanel without using TargetPanel)
(Fabrice Mirabile)
- UserInputPanel multiline label fix (Vladimir Ralev, JBoss/RedHat,
via Julien Ponge)
- Fix for calling the IzPack Ant task from Maven builds (Vladimir
Ralev, JBoss/RedHat, via Julien Ponge)
- Support for uncompressing archives and adding their content at the
installer generation time (Nils Meier, via Julien Ponge)
- Fix for default button changes when a text field receives focus in
UserInputPanel (Vladimir Ralev, JBoss/RedHat, via Dennis Reil)
- Use the 'ProgramFiles' environment variable to detect the Windows
program files folder path. (Markus Schlegel via Julien Ponge)
- TargetPanel.dir setting bug fix (Markus Schlegel via Julien Ponge)
- Added support for packaging selection (Dennis Reil)
- Added support for variables in UserInputPanel (Dennis Reil)
- Non-interactive command-line uninstaller (Vladimir Ralev,
JBoss/Redhat, via Julien Ponge)
- PathSelectionPanel: the installation path could not be fully
displayed in RedHat, Fedora and
  Ubuntu (Vladimir Ralev, JBoss/RedHat, via Julien Ponge)
- Installations could fail if the installation path contained
non-english characters
  (Vladimir Ralev, JBoss/RedHat, via Julien Ponge)
- Non-English installation path could be displayed garbled in
  (Vladimir Ralev, JBoss/RedHat, via Julien Ponge)
- Selected packs not being refreshed in the collection when the
PackPanel is initialized
  (Vladimir Ralev, JBoss/RedHat, via Julien Ponge)
- Finnish localization updates (Ari Voutilainen via Julien Ponge)
- Going back and forth between profile selection and packs selection
made packs selection unavailable
  (Vladimir Ralev, JBoss/RedHat, via Julien Ponge)
- PathInputPanel: the close button had incorrect behavior for all path
input question/notification messages
  (Vladimir Ralev, JBoss/RedHat, via Julien Ponge)
- PathInputPanel: logged a stacktrace on Linux systems when no
defaultInstallDir was specified and
  no TargetPanel.dir.x resource was present (Stefan Wachter via Julien Ponge)
- Added MultiVolumePackager, MultiVolumeUnpacker, MultiVolumeInstaller
to support splitting the installer (Dennis Reil)
- Added conditions for packs to PacksPanel (Dennis Reil)
- Loose packs fixes (Markus Schlegel via Julien Ponge)
- UserInputPanel: possible scrambled text fix (Markus Schlegel via Julien Ponge)
- UserInputPanel (Markus Schlegel via Julien Ponge):
  - support for the new "installGroup"-attribute for the
"programGroup" element of the shortcutSpec.xml
  - late creation of shortcuts, for example in case ShortcutPanel is
displayed before InstallPanel
  - fixed a bug where each Shortcut-Subgroup influenced the remaining
Shortcut creation
- Added icon resource extension, to dynamically change installer icon
(Dennis Reil)

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