[izpack-devel] IzPack-install-3.10.0-RC1

Ari Voutilainen ari.voutilainen at iki.fi
Tue Jan 16 22:18:11 CET 2007


Looks great! Here is only some cosmetic issues:

Creating install directory:
- Caption is "Message"; not localized text.
- There is no localized string for this.
   (=> To next version?)

Installer window:
- Should there be minimum size for the window if
   window is sizeable?
   It can be reduced very small now and some controls
   will disappear.

Packs view:
- <str id="PacksPanel.tip" txt="Note: greyed out
   packs are required."/>
- Better text might be:
   txt="Note: greyed out checkboxes mean packs are required."/>
- Or whole line including checkbox and its text could
   be greyed. The text could be then:
   txt="Note: greyed out lines mean packs are required."/>
   or also the original one do.
   (=> To next version? Localizations.)

Ready to install (step 6 of 9):
- Window has a text:
   "Ready to install. Important data are listed below.
   Press "Next" to start installation, "
- str id="SummaryPanel.info"

   -- What should come after "to start installation, " ?
      There is ',' and space at the end of line.
   -- In normal installation nothing came out after comma.

Automated Installation
- I think it shouldn't be bad if this file had own extension
   for example from the words:
   IzPack Automated Installation File
   = IPAF or IZP or IZF or something else.
- Extension would be nice if file is lost (but still exists)
   and it could be searched by its extension. Now people can give
   anything or leave it without extension: how to search it if
   someone doesn't remember the name. And the name could be
   what ever.


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