[izpack-devel] Regarding Izpack-Querry on "shortcutpanel"

nandy jones nandyluvsu at gmail.com
Sat Jan 20 17:20:49 CET 2007

Hi all,
I Just started using IZPACK and it works fine , i need help in one aspect
which i am hoping that someone here will know ,i use windows,the thing is i
am able to wrap all my classes and able to get a setup file by clicking
which the installation process of mys/w starts and also able to get
everything done as said in the guide and i am able to install my small S/W
on the system but when installing, on the shorcut panel it does not show the
option of "all users" but just shows the corrent user radio button is
selected by default, the "all users" option is there on the panel but in the
background...i read everywhere and in my shorcutSpec.xml i included-->
createForAll="true" as one option and tried wrapping everything again and
installing my piece again but it still doesnt show up(te all users
options),The reason i want this is i want my s/w to be used by all the users
using the system currently only te person who installls(admin/the current
accoutn logged in) can use it....I'd really appreciate if someone could help
me in this.

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