[izpack-devel] fix&patch: Shortcuts in Linux

Vladimir Ralev vralev at redhat.com
Mon Jan 29 09:58:55 CET 2007

I am not sure if you have checked the compatibility of the ShortcutPanel 
with Linux distros recently. The current implementation works only in 
KDE (I have tested several distros).
There is a new menu standard called XDG, unified for both Gnome and KDE 
and some other environments, which is a better solution and works on all 
new Gnomes (after 2.10) and KDE (not sure what's the first supported 
version). Also note that most major Linux distros use Gnome by default 
(i.e. the current implementation is useless)

The XDG standard is quite different from the previous and the code needs 
a complete rewrite in the future. For now I have implemented a limited 
XDG-support solution around the existing code while keeping the old 
functionality (support for older KDEs). I decided to make the 
implementation more windows-like instead of category-based (although 
categories are still supported I recommend setting the category 
attribute to "", because the shortcuts may get duplicated). This 
implementation creates a new submenu in the main gnome/kde menu and 
places the shortcuts inside. You can see a few screenshots here:

You decide if this should be included in 3.10 or left for a future 
release, but have in mind that the current version is worse.

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