[izpack-devel] Vista

Vladimir Ralev vralev at redhat.com
Thu Mar 15 13:25:36 CET 2007

AFAIK Sun has made many vista-specific improvements in JRE 1.6. May be 
this issue is addressed too. Have you tried it?

Stefan Wachter wrote:
> Hi all,
> I found some information about the application manifest that is needed to take care for having 
> enough privileges: http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa480150.aspx#accprotvista_topic8
> --Stefan
> PS: I found the uninstaller jar does not work because it has not enough privileges. In a plain VISTA 
> installation IzPack writes files that can not be removed by the user who did the installation. In 
> order to make the uninstaller jar work I had to start the uninstaller also via an exe launcher. I 
> named the executable uninstall.exe. Now the uninstaller removes the files.
> Markus Schlegel wrote:
>> Tested it last December on Vista. Shortcuts and registry entries work
>> well as far as I can see.
>> Of corse, I tested only my installer and not a complete set of features.
>> What's left to do is documenting that the installer must contain "setup"
>> or "installer" in its name in order that vista knows it must elevate to
>> the SuperUser Access token.
>> Maybe there ist a way of providing a "manifestfile" for it, but I don't
>> know how to do this.
>> Markus
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>> Hi everybody,
>> there is something else, that I think we need to keep on our agenda.
>> Since Vista is now officially released it is time to find out if IzPack
>> still works properly on the new platform. In particular I am concerned
>> about shortcuts and Registry entries.
>> If anyone on the list has access to a Vista machine or plans to get one
>> in the near future, please run a test and let us know what you find.
>> Some folks on the team might even suggest and/or prepare a set of tests
>> to run.
>>        Elmar
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