[izpack-devel] possible IzPack improvements...

Markus Schlegel schlm3 at gmail.com
Mon May 7 21:15:26 CEST 2007

Hi all
I'd like to make the following improvements, and would like to know if this
is ok before I make some investments.
I don't wana make it if they will not get merged into the trunk...

1. The UninstallerFrame has a fixed Title "IzPack - Uninstaller". The
Frametitle should also be translated. Alternatively, we could introduce the
possibility to provide a pluggable Uninstaller, so as everyone could provide
it's own Uninstaller(-GUI).
2. The language selection dialog should display the help-message/description
in the language of the system the installer is running on. This can be
achieved by including a Standard Java ResourceBundle. This ensures, that the
native language used by the LanguageSelectionDialog does not interfere with
the language selected by the user (don't have to load langpack twice).
3. Should have the possibility to sort the InstallationGroup's in the
InstallationGroupPanel other than with the Name. This can be achieved either
through one of these ways:
  I. Explicitely define the Groups rather than let it be defined through
usage in the packs. Like this we can optionally provide a Sortkey, or even
distinguish between DisplayName and internal Id.
  II. provide the sortkey like the description in the langpack.
  --> the first one is the clean approach, while the second one requires
less coding, and integrates better in the existing codebase.

Any input on this?


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