[izpack-devel] possible IzPack improvements...

Julien Ponge julien.ponge at gmail.com
Tue May 8 09:27:07 CEST 2007


> I'd like to make the following improvements, and would like to know if this
> is ok before I make some investments.
> I don't wana make it if they will not get merged into the trunk...

We will merge useful changes, but we cannot promise to actually merge
them before they have been made ;-)

> 1. The UninstallerFrame has a fixed Title " IzPack - Uninstaller". The
> Frametitle should also be translated. Alternatively, we could introduce the
> possibility to provide a pluggable Uninstaller, so as everyone could provide
> it's own Uninstaller(-GUI).

Both are ok with me, although allowing alternative installers may
complicate the whole thing.

> 2. The language selection dialog should display the help-message/description
> in the language of the system the installer is running on. This can be
> achieved by including a Standard Java ResourceBundle. This ensures, that the
> native language used by the LanguageSelectionDialog does not interfere with
> the language selected by the user (don't have to load langpack twice).

http://izpack.org/wiki/todo -> you should coordinate with Klaus for this.

> 3. Should have the possibility to sort the InstallationGroup's in the
> InstallationGroupPanel other than with the Name. This can be achieved either
> through one of these ways:
> ( -- snip --)
>   II. provide the sortkey like the description in the langpack.
>   --> the first one is the clean approach, while the second one requires
> less coding, and integrates better in the existing codebase.

3.II is better with me as long as the sortkey remains an optional
parameter (not everyone wants groups).


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