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Hi Guyz,Just so you know that we have nothing personal against anyone.We were i think just trying to express our surprise.If you have good ideas on how to make things better, just say it out loud but do not insult the current state as many people have worked on it for days, months or years !I think that this community is based on sharing and respect.Now your comments were probably right if put in other terms.Anyhow, we welcome any insights on how to improve IzPack.One last thing, i think that what pissed us the most was the fact that whatever you asked was actually possible. Matter of fact, if you have the "chance" to read the docu you'll see that even the "This installer was created with IzPack" can bve avoided.Now, i agree on point 1) and 2) and i think we all do in here ! We are ALL working on this to make everyone as happy as they can be !I will try to update the doc as much as i can. If you have time and idea on what to write exactly don't hesitate to send it to me.What else can i say than Welcome to the list and looking for your future comments.Cheers,FabricePS: I never had a punching ball ... and i probably never will :-)> Date: Mon, 7 May 2007 12:48:53 -0700> From: greenash at yahoo.com> To: izpack-devel at lists.berlios.de> Subject: Re: [izpack-devel] langpacks> > Hi again,> > Sorry if my initial message was abrasive. I actually> think IzPack is a good product, or else I wouldn't be> using it at all.> > Many thanks to those who pointed out the way to create> custom langpacks. I would maybe add a link to the> <resources> section from the <locale> section of the> docs. The best documentation is the one that requires> the least reading (likewise, the best products are> those that can be used without documentation).> > To the people who got offended: many thanks (and> congratulations!)  for developing a product that works> *so well* that my only complaint was about> localization. Not about crashes, or lost data, mind> you, but about localization...> > Now, if you haven't tuned me out by this time, bear> with me a little more. First of all, I have developed> open-source software myself, so I am aware of the> "volunteering" aspect. But even if open-source is not> payed for, it's still the case that> > 1) there's an end-user whose needs should be> first-priority. Just because there's no boss doesn't> mean we should ignore the needs of the intended> audience. Doing so only gets us p***ed-off users and> negative press, and I don't think that's what we aim> for.> > 2) we should strive for good quality, for the simple> reason that every product is a showcase of our skills> and workmanship.> > I hope I am in agreement with most people on these> points. Some open source developers seem to believe> that (1) doesn't apply to them, but I think that's a> mistaken philosophy.> > Most criticism has a constructive component. This was> the intended meaning, or else I wouldn't have bothered> to subscribe to this list & write a message.> > Peace,> Dan> > > >  > ____________________________________________________________________________________> Don't pick lemons.> See all the new 2007 cars at Yahoo! Autos.> http://autos.yahoo.com/new_cars.html > _______________________________________________> izpack-devel mailing list> izpack-devel at lists.berlios.de> https://lists.berlios.de/mailman/listinfo/izpack-devel
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