[izpack-devel] PacksPanelBase GUI problem under Vista & Java 6

Hans Aikema aikebah at aikebah.net
Sat May 12 14:04:22 CEST 2007

Turns out my odd behaviour on Windows Vista with the ImgPacksPanel is
caused by this patch... Don't have a solution available yet, but I'm
sure this patch is not entirely what we want:

1) scrolling through packs with the cursor is not possible anymore
(cursor down selects/deselects the first not required pack)
2) the selection-bar is not present anymore
3) the selection the user made in the table is lost (due to the updates)
and thus the ImgPacksPanel doesn't update the image

2) and 3) are only minor usability issues IMO (as there is a work-around
possible for the broken ImgPacksPanel behaviour)

1) however breaks crucial functionality IMO (from an accessability

I'll dive into this soon (first need to finalize distributed install.xml)

Julien Ponge wrote:
> I postpone this one until the other Vista/Java6 related patch applies.
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