[izpack-devel] Planning the next release

Julien Ponge julien.ponge at gmail.com
Sun Oct 21 11:09:18 CEST 2007

Hi everybody,

I am trying out to figure what the best plan is regarding the next
major release (3.11.0).

We have a good bunch of changes in the SVN trunk at the moment.
However my idea is that we need the new documentation to be there for
the new release, so here are the 2 options.

1. Release 3.11.0 soon without the new documentation and postpone it for 3.12.0.

2. Wait for the new documentation to be ready. In this case, we could:
    (a) publish beta snapshots of the trunk so that people could use
the changes soon
    (b) finish the doc conversion and collaboratively improve the content
    (c) publish an official 3.11.0 with the new changes and the documentation

What do you think? I'll make the planning after having received your
feedback :-)


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