[izpack-devel] Planning the next release

Loïc lbndev at yahoo.fr
Sun Oct 21 11:56:20 CEST 2007


I'll vote 2-(b) and (c).
For quite some time now I have been offerring you my help to get this 
new documentation fnished as soon as possible. This offer is still 
valid, should you want to accept it.

However, can I request once more that my patches first submitted in 
october 2006 (Localization of InstallationGroupPanel) and in April 2007 
(resubmit of the previous one + Localization of shortcuts) be reviewed 
and merged before 3.11.0 gets out ? I just checked out latest SVN and 
noticed that it is still not done.
For the latest it is strange because Klaus had reviewed & merged it 
(check his mail from 27.04.07), I had checked that it worked, but 
obviously it has been erased since then... (I mailed the list regarding 
this on 26.06.07).
The first one has, to my knowledge, never been merged.

Thanks, and do not hesitate to contact me regarding the "documentation 


Julien Ponge a écrit :
> Hi everybody,
> I am trying out to figure what the best plan is regarding the next
> major release (3.11.0).
> We have a good bunch of changes in the SVN trunk at the moment.
> However my idea is that we need the new documentation to be there for
> the new release, so here are the 2 options.
> 1. Release 3.11.0 soon without the new documentation and postpone it for 3.12.0.
> 2. Wait for the new documentation to be ready. In this case, we could:
>     (a) publish beta snapshots of the trunk so that people could use
> the changes soon
>     (b) finish the doc conversion and collaboratively improve the content
>     (c) publish an official 3.11.0 with the new changes and the documentation
> What do you think? I'll make the planning after having received your
> feedback :-)
> Cheers
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