[izpack-users] changing field behaviour based on pack selection plus a bit more help.

Miraodb miraodb at hotmail.com
Wed Apr 5 16:45:32 CEST 2006


Context related.....

> I been playing around with the crateForPack but it doesn;t really do
> what I want I mean how do I do a case for NOT SELECTED?
> <createForPack name="Jakarta Tomcat Web Application Server" />
> Can anyone give me a clue.

It's fairly easy ...
Since 3.8.0 there's a createForUnselectedPack element for userinput that
works exactly like createForPack.

> Furthermore I like to add the following bug report.. After downlading
> the izpack 3.8.1 jar yesterday and installing it in my linux and my
> OSX. I have found both the shell script
> bin/compile
> bin/start.sh
> contains ctrl-m chars. It is not visible by vi or emacs but when you
> do a 'sed' you can see the \r \n chars. The first line of both file
> has
> #!/bin/sh \r\n
> Maybe someone can check this and verify. I tried it 4 times on a linux
> and Mac OSX box and it was the same.

I'll check it out.
And commit the change.

Hope that helps,


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