[izpack-users] tree structure in PacksPanel ?

Zycor.net Development Solutions airhead at webmail.co.za
Fri Aug 4 10:28:26 CEST 2006

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> hi Zycor (?),
I've previously posted using the name Riaan, That was by using the web 
interface, I see my name is set as Zycor in my mail client, so now that 
I'm just replying to the mail, the name shows up differently :)

> You can declare dependencies and subdependencies with which you
> can define a tree like structure. 
Is this documented? I'll have a look tonight (At work at the moment, so 
can't spend much time on it now).

> Current the selection behavior is conversative: means if the 
> "super" is not selected, you cannot select anny subpack. But
> just there is an other IzPack user (Ryan; see izpack-devel 
> mailing list) which would change it.
Makes sense. Most commercial one's allows you to select a subpack which 
automatically selects the super.

> The "but" is, that PacksPanel contains not a tree.
> If you really need it, create an own panel (e.g. TreePacksPanel) 
> and let us look. Some relations in a tree are not trivial perse...
I'll see what I can do, but it might be a week or two before I can do 
this. The company I work for is going to use IZPack to distribute the 
next version of our project, and I need to create that installer. I'll 
need the treePanel as discussed here, so if there isn't anything when we 
do the installer (scheduled for next friday), I'll develop it, and if 
it's fine by you, pass the code back to you guys to integrate


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