[izpack-users] IzForge CVS Account

julien at izforge.com julien at izforge.com
Thu Aug 17 08:50:36 CEST 2006


It is not our policy to give write permissions like this, just because you
ask so ("I want").

We are always happy to welcome new developers, but IzPack is a
meritocracy. This means that people should first externally submit
contributions of good quality. Then, if those people are willing to step
up and contribute more than occasionaly, we can welcome them as developers
in the project.

If you need to make changes for your very particular needs, you can always
do the modifications for yourself, according to the requirements of the
Apache Software Foundation License 2.0.


> Hi,
> I want a CVS account for getting cource as I want to make some changes
> according to my needs.
> Thanks
> Nitin

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