[izpack-users] Informations about ProcessPanel? How does it work?

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That's really easy to do.

 <job name="Renaming Client's files">
  <executeForPack name="Client"/>
  <executeForPack name="ClientBatchs"/>
  <os family="windows" />
  <executefile name="$INSTALL_PATH\batch\ClientRename.bat" />


@echo off
echo "Client Rename"
move $INSTALL_PATH\axiom_batch\Client_Axiom.bat

    <res id="ProcessPanel.Spec.xml" src="ProcessPanel.Spec.xml"/>

    <panel classname="ProcessPanel"/>

      <singlefile src="axiom_batch/ClientRename.bat"
      <parsable targetfile="$INSTALL_PATH\axiom_batch\ClientRename.bat"/>

As you can see the parsable is needed otherwise the variable won't be

This should do the job.


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> Hi,
>   I want to use ProcessPanel, but I don't know how to do with it. I
create a ProcessPanel.Spec.xml, with the *.bat to execute. But I want  this
bat to rename or copy some files eg.
>   Is it possible, and how?
>   I tried to write the $INSTALL_PATH variable in my *.bat but it doesn't
>   can u help me please? thanks a lot
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