[izpack-users] Shortcuts created directly by shortcutspanelinstead of during actual installation ? ?

Bartz, Klaus Klaus.Bartz at coi.de
Thu Dec 7 18:08:28 CET 2006

Hi greg,
yes, IzPack is not transactional, a full roll back is not allways
possible. If you kill a process, you can only
roll back if you have stored the state in a program independant
data base. This is not the case in IzPack.
You know, you should place the ShortCutPanel after the InstallPanel
because the files to which the short cuts should be created have
to be exist.
There are more Panels which needs something of the installed files.
I agree with Markus that it is better to separate user input and 
perform actions. In my own panels I do it. But although it cannot
be transactional with IzPack until we write every step into a 
data base. I think this will be in IzPack NT... Before them only
regular break operation can be rolled back. If it really needed, MSI
will be the better alternative. Have a good time with that data base
driven installation... I know what I say...

The ShortCutPanel was designed and implemented long time before
custom actions are present. May be it will be now time to split
it in a GUI part and a custom action which creates the short cuts.
But I have not the time and may be not the knowledge to do it. 
May be one of you can create a secound short cut feature and send 
it to us. But not as replacement else as a second, please.

It seems so, that bug and feature request service of BerliOS 
will be often arranged but also often not so much cultivated.
We are with ~ 60% closed bug requests relative good :-) 
May be we should close the services because we do really not look 
every day into. We read our emails...



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>I absolutely agree, that this should not behave like it does now.
>The "Freeze" may happen, because the file the shortcut points 
>to does not yet exist at this point...
>Notice, that the IzPack Installer shows the shourtcut panel 
>after copying the files, which is not common since most 
>installers do ask the user all questions before installing something.
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>Subject: [izpack-users] Shortcuts created directly by 
>shortcuts panelinstead of during actual installation ? ?
>I'm surprised to see that it seems that shortcuts are created 
>directly when going to the next panel, from the shortcut 
>panel, rather than at the same time files are copied etc. This 
>causes at least 2 obvious
>* freezes the gui during shortcut creation (which for some 
>reason is pretty slow here on our remote windows test machine)
>* shortcuts are already there and stay there if the 
>installation fails for any reason.
>As a side note, I was wondering if the bug report tools of 
>berlios are used at all for izpack (i was going to search and 
>report there), since it seems there are some reports that have 
>been there since 2005, sometimes 4 times for the same problem 
>(the infamous missing ShellLink.dll for instance)
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