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Bartz, Klaus Klaus.Bartz at coi.de
Wed Dec 13 11:19:51 CET 2006

Hi Roland,
do you have activated a "restricted user environment" or is it default in Vista?
IzPack can only write something if there are rights to write.  MS tend to
remove much rights from a normal user included installation of some thing.
This is not new, but earlier only an option for paranoiac sys admins.
In older OS versions from MS the program file folder has a language dependant
hard coded name like "Programme". The folder exist really (normally) on the
system disk.
May be MS has changed it to a "link like thing" in Vista.
With MSI the situation is a little bit other. As the IE on the browser scene
MSI has more rights as any third party tool. MSI uses a service
which will be performed under the "local system" (short "system") user.
This user has the right to write in to the program file folder. You can see
it if you use a MSI installation which contains the files outside the MSI file
and you have stored the installation under a folder which allows no access
for "system". The GUI phase will be worked well, bat starting the installation
self it fails about no access. In this moment you have two msiexec processes.
May be we can do the same. But first we have not the time secound which
sys admin allows us to install such a server.

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Hi Markus,
FYI: if I disable the user account control mechanism the installer seems to work fine.
Best and thanks in advance

Dipl.-Wirt.-Ing. Roland Küstermann

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Hi Klaus, Roland
I am just on the way of installing Vista on one of our Test Systems (in fact I have to download the 2GB first). I will look at it when I am ready.
I could imagine, that this is related to the "ProgramFiles"-Bug for which I sent in a patch last week.
But let me see, I expect to be ready next week..


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Hi Klaus,
> Fails the installation general or can you install under your user path?
After investigating a little bit I noticed that the installation fails in general, if you choose to install the application in the suggested "program files" directory. If you install it into your profil still works fine.
One thing is very strange:
In German the File Dialog represents "C:\programme" as "C:\programme". But it seems that this is only a kind of "translated" link to "c:\program files". What happens is that the izpack is not able to create a subdirectory in "c:\programme" (what I chose). If I use another installer (like nsi) I can choose "c:\programme", but it changes to "c:\program files" when I select the directory from file dialog. I am not an expert in these kind of things, but perhaps this is the difference if you use "file.getCanonicalFile()" instead of simply to use a file instance?

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Dear List,
yesterday I tried my installers at Windows Vista with Java 6 and it seems as if they do not work anymore. I enabled tracing, but all I got was a FileNotFoundException. It seems as if there are problem regarding creating directories in "c:\program files". Usually, you get a popup asking you whether you want to allow writing to this directory, but not when using izpack installers. Instead, you get an error message.
I hope you can help me...
Best regards

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