[izpack-users] Installer for VISTA (was <no subject>)

Küstermann, Roland rkuestermann at mps.de
Wed Dec 13 14:15:23 CET 2006

Hi Klaus,

>do you have activated a "restricted user environment" or is it default in Vista?
It is activated by default... And the windows security center is complaining a lot if you deactivate it... That is a real problem.

>IzPack can only write something if there are rights to write.  MS tend to remove much rights from a normal user 
>included installation of some thing.
Even if you are computer admin you have these problems!

>This is not new, but earlier only an option for paranoiac sys admins.
>In older OS versions from MS the program file folder has a language dependant hard coded name like "Programme". 
>>The folder exist really (normally) on the system disk. May be MS has changed it to a "link like thing" in Vista.
Definitly true. You can "see" the link, but cannot get any information about it.
>With MSI the situation is a little bit other. As the IE on the browser scene MSI has more rights as any third 
>party tool. MSI uses a service which will be performed under the "local system" (short "system") user.
>This user has the right to write in to the program file folder. You can see it if you use a MSI installation which >contains the files outside the MSI file and you have stored the installation under a folder which allows no access >for "system". The GUI phase will be worked well, bat starting the installation self it fails about no access. In 
>this moment you have two msiexec processes.
That might be right, but I was talking about the free nullsoft installer (NSI) which is - as far as i know - not a msi package.

Anyways: if we can't get izpack work for normal users using Vista, that would be a real draw back...


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