[izpack-users] Installer for VISTA (was <no subject>)

Bartz, Klaus Klaus.Bartz at coi.de
Wed Dec 13 16:48:56 CET 2006

Hi Roland,
sorry, I have assumed that NSI was a typing error. 
NSI is a OS dependant installer which creates an exe.
MS descibes, that Vista analysis the executable whether
it can be an installation or not. This will fail with
In the moment I do not know whether IzPack will be able
to run on Vista in future or not.
I rember that there is a examination whether the installation
directory is writeable or not. May be this action will
be done to early that it is not possible to change the
path. Do you have tried to install in a user area?

The short animation from MS about Vista seems a little bit
like the world descibed by Orwell...
I do not know whether we should support such a mo..... or not.
Anyway I have ask our admin to install a Vista on a vmware
to test it.



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>Hi Klaus,
>>do you have activated a "restricted user environment" or is 
>it default in Vista?
>It is activated by default... And the windows security center 
>is complaining a lot if you deactivate it... That is a real problem.
>>IzPack can only write something if there are rights to write. 
> MS tend to remove much rights from a normal user 
>>included installation of some thing.
>Even if you are computer admin you have these problems!
>>This is not new, but earlier only an option for paranoiac sys admins.
>>In older OS versions from MS the program file folder has a 
>language dependant hard coded name like "Programme". 
>>>The folder exist really (normally) on the system disk. May 
>be MS has changed it to a "link like thing" in Vista.
>Definitly true. You can "see" the link, but cannot get any 
>information about it.
>>With MSI the situation is a little bit other. As the IE on 
>the browser scene MSI has more rights as any third 
>>party tool. MSI uses a service which will be performed under 
>the "local system" (short "system") user.
>>This user has the right to write in to the program file 
>folder. You can see it if you use a MSI installation which 
>>contains the files outside the MSI file and you have stored 
>the installation under a folder which allows no access >for 
>"system". The GUI phase will be worked well, bat starting the 
>installation self it fails about no access. In 
>>this moment you have two msiexec processes.
>That might be right, but I was talking about the free nullsoft 
>installer (NSI) which is - as far as i know - not a msi package.
>Anyways: if we can't get izpack work for normal users using 
>Vista, that would be a real draw back...
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