[izpack-users] Installer for VISTA (was <no subject>)

Bartz, Klaus Klaus.Bartz at coi.de
Wed Dec 13 17:58:45 CET 2006

Hi Roland,

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>Hi Klaus,
>>MS descibes, that Vista analysis the executable whether it 
>can be an installation or not. This will fail with 
>Yes, it will/should definitly fail ... 
>>In the moment I do not know whether IzPack will be able to 
>run on Vista in future or not. I rember that there is a 
>>examination whether the installation directory is writeable 
>or not. May be this action will be done to early that >it is 
>not possible to change the path. Do you have tried to install 
>in a user area?
>Yes, that works if you install it into your profile folder. 
>But you don't get an error message if you try to install a 
>write protected directory ... That is weird.

This should not be. We have had a verification of writeable.
May be I must show...

>What about merging izpack with the launcher? - I haven't 
>tested it yet, but that could solve the problem, does'nt it?

May be, but I am not confident. We have a program change (fork?)
from the launcher to java.exe with the installation. I assume
that MS do not give the special process token to the child

I will look if I have a system and test all possiblities (if 
I have time). But this will be not before January (hollidays...).



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