[izpack-users] Creating shortcuts based on version of windows

Scott Taylor st-izpack at TaylorIT.com
Thu Feb 9 21:37:22 CET 2006

I'm using the Java Service Wrapper to allow my Java program to be 
started as a windows service. I checked the bat file that comes with the 
code and it already performs a Windows NT check before attempting to 
install the service, so I shouldn't need to change my process panel at all.

 From what I can see the shortcut configuration only allows one to 
specify an OS at the family level (eg. windows, unix, mac), but not on 
the name or version (95, 98, ME, XP, etc). So I've decided to always 
create the startup short cut on Windows, but  have it point to a batch 
file that first checks that it isn't a NT based windows before it starts 
the program. Not the cleanest solution, but I think the easiest. I plan 
to test it out tomorrow to see if it works.

Thanks again for your help.

Miraodb wrote:
> Hi scott,
> Currently there's no differenciation between windows 2k, 98 or xp... they're
> all win32 OS.
> I'm not sure on how processpanel and shorcutpanel make the diffence between
> those.
> I assume there's a switch case logic within the code.
> I would therefore assume it's to be done automatically.
> Here's a thought for processpanel.:
> What do you use to create the service ? I assume it's a batch file. in that
> case, there must be a way to find out the version of the OS. i think the
> environment variable "OS" gives you that. Or even better, opening a command
> line shows up with two first line which gives you the exact name and version
> of the OS. All you have to do is run the command line, pipe the outputstream
> into string, compare substract of the sting to XP, NT, 2000 and so on....
> and then do the corresponding task for each of them using a switch or
> something...
> Another thought, why not using VBS ? since your aim is to use the script
> under windows. you could use VBS which has a few useful methods for system
> properties. You could use the GetversionEx API, something like this:
> Select Case OSInfo.dwPlatformId
> Case 0
> PId = "Windows 32s "
> Case 1
> PId = "Windows 95/98"
> Case 2
> PId = "Windows NT "
> End Select
> Now, regarding shorcuts that's more complicated since you can't run a task
> just for that matter within the shorcut panel.
> I see one tricky way, why not using the processpanel to run a batch or
> script of any kind that would create the shorcuts the way you want and get
> rid of the shorcutpanel in your installer.
> Thus, you could simply re-use the same code as above for the processpanel
> and implement the shorcut creation in the manner.
> Hope that helps,
> fabrice
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>> I'm trying to create an installer which when run installs a service on
>> Windows NT, 2000, or XP. On Win98 (which doesn't support services) I
>> would like to create a start up shortcut instead. So here are my
> questions:
>> I currently install the service using a job run via the ProcessPanel. I
>> have specified <os family="windows"> but how do I specify the flavor of
>> windows? I'm guessing that I should have something like <os
>> family="windows" name="Windows NT">. Assuming you can only have one <os>
>> tag per job then I guess I need to repeat the job for name="Windows
>> 2000" and name="Windows XP". Correct? By the way, is there a list of
>> valid names for windows operating systems somewhere?
>> Is it possible to create a shortcut for a specific version of Windows.
>> In otherwords I would like to create a start up shortcut on Windows 98
>> but not on Windows NT, 2000, nor XP.
>> /Scott
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