[izpack-users] Creating shortcuts based on version of windows

Klaus Bartz bartzkau at gmx.net
Fri Feb 10 00:25:13 CET 2006

H Scott,
if I look into the code, it seems so, that OS on the name or version
will be supported also it is not written in the docu. May be I am wrong...
Do you have tested it analog to the usage in install.xml?



Am 09.02.2006, 21:37 Uhr, schrieb Scott Taylor <st-izpack at TaylorIT.com>:

> I'm using the Java Service Wrapper to allow my Java program to be  
> started as a windows service. I checked the bat file that comes with the  
> code and it already performs a Windows NT check before attempting to  
> install the service, so I shouldn't need to change my process panel at  
> all.
>  From what I can see the shortcut configuration only allows one to  
> specify an OS at the family level (eg. windows, unix, mac), but not on  
> the name or version (95, 98, ME, XP, etc). So I've decided to always  
> create the startup short cut on Windows, but  have it point to a batch  
> file that first checks that it isn't a NT based windows before it starts  
> the program. Not the cleanest solution, but I think the easiest. I plan  
> to test it out tomorrow to see if it works.
> Thanks again for your help.
> /Scott
> Miraodb wrote:
>> Hi scott,
>> Currently there's no differenciation between windows 2k, 98 or xp...  
>> they're
>> all win32 OS.
>> I'm not sure on how processpanel and shorcutpanel make the diffence  
>> between
>> those.
>> I assume there's a switch case logic within the code.
>> I would therefore assume it's to be done automatically.
>> Here's a thought for processpanel.:
>> What do you use to create the service ? I assume it's a batch file. in  
>> that
>> case, there must be a way to find out the version of the OS. i think the
>> environment variable "OS" gives you that. Or even better, opening a  
>> command
>> line shows up with two first line which gives you the exact name and  
>> version
>> of the OS. All you have to do is run the command line, pipe the  
>> outputstream
>> into string, compare substract of the sting to XP, NT, 2000 and so  
>> on....
>> and then do the corresponding task for each of them using a switch or
>> something...
>> Another thought, why not using VBS ? since your aim is to use the script
>> under windows. you could use VBS which has a few useful methods for  
>> system
>> properties. You could use the GetversionEx API, something like this:
>> Select Case OSInfo.dwPlatformId
>> Case 0
>> PId = "Windows 32s "
>> Case 1
>> PId = "Windows 95/98"
>> Case 2
>> PId = "Windows NT "
>> End Select
>> Now, regarding shorcuts that's more complicated since you can't run a  
>> task
>> just for that matter within the shorcut panel.
>> I see one tricky way, why not using the processpanel to run a batch or
>> script of any kind that would create the shorcuts the way you want and  
>> get
>> rid of the shorcutpanel in your installer.
>> Thus, you could simply re-use the same code as above for the  
>> processpanel
>> and implement the shorcut creation in the manner.
>> Hope that helps,
>> fabrice
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>> Subject: [izpack-users] Creating shortcuts based on version of windows
>>> I'm trying to create an installer which when run installs a service on
>>> Windows NT, 2000, or XP. On Win98 (which doesn't support services) I
>>> would like to create a start up shortcut instead. So here are my
>> questions:
>>> I currently install the service using a job run via the ProcessPanel. I
>>> have specified <os family="windows"> but how do I specify the flavor of
>>> windows? I'm guessing that I should have something like <os
>>> family="windows" name="Windows NT">. Assuming you can only have one  
>>> <os>
>>> tag per job then I guess I need to repeat the job for name="Windows
>>> 2000" and name="Windows XP". Correct? By the way, is there a list of
>>> valid names for windows operating systems somewhere?
>>> Is it possible to create a shortcut for a specific version of Windows.
>>> In otherwords I would like to create a start up shortcut on Windows 98
>>> but not on Windows NT, 2000, nor XP.
>>> /Scott
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