Antwort: [izpack-users] Disable/Enable or Select/Deselect packs based on a variable

Martina.Albrecht at Martina.Albrecht at
Tue Mar 7 10:26:42 CET 2006

To enable/disable packs, I used the installGroups attribute in the packs
configuration and added the following lines at the beginning of method
panelActivate() for my PacksPanel:

        List suitablePacks = new ArrayList();
            HashSet installGroups = new HashSet();
            installGroups = null;
            String installtype = idata.getVariable("installtype");
            Iterator packs = (idata.availablePacks).iterator();
            while (packs.hasNext()) {
                  Pack pack = (Pack);
                  installGroups = (HashSet) pack.installGroups;
                  if (installGroups.isEmpty() ||
                  installGroups = null;

            packsTable.setModel(new PacksModel(suitablePacks,
idata.selectedPacks, this));

It's similar to what Hal already suggested, but you shouldn't alter iData
directly - this was my first solution and it turned out to be a problem
when pressing the back button :).


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I have a need to set whether a pack is available to be installed based
on a variable set at install time.

I have a hidden custom panel that does some system checks and determines
things about the current installation and sets a variable, let's call it
"install_type".  In this case, I would like certain packs to be
preselected (and others to be completely disabled) if "install_type" is
set to "server", and a different set of panels to be preselected (and
again, others disabled) if "install_type" is set to "client".

I see and understand packs dependencies where one pack depends upon the
selection of another, but there doesn't appear to be a way to set a pack
to be dependent upon the value of a variable.

If that feature doesn't exist (and it appears that it doesn't) could
someone point me to the best place in the code to check for and
disable/enable and/or select/deselect a panel based on a variable value?
I know how to check a variable's value, but I'm unsure of the best place
in the code to go about trying disable/enable/select/deselect a panel on
the fly based on a variable.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Rich Stephens
Pathfire, Inc.

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