[izpack-users] Disable/Enable or Select/Deselect packs based on pack selection

Christophe ROCHEFOLLE CROCHEFO at metaware.tm.fr
Tue Mar 7 11:08:05 CET 2006


Sorry if this question seems to be asked hundred times, but even after
looking at the mailing archives, and see this subject I didn't find the

How can I have several packs that are exclusive ?

Here is my example. I want to install (using silent install) MySQL 5 or
PostgreSQL 8.1 or use an existing one.

So I create 4 packs :
	- Install MySQL 5
	- Install PostgreSQL 8.1
	- Use an existing MySQL database
	- Use an existing PostgreSQL database

How can I say that the user can just pick one of those packs ?

Thanks in advance,

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