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Ok, thanks,


but how do I call the scripts? As afr as I know I can only copy files, or am
I wrong?



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i'm not sure i understand what you mean by "call".

Do you want to run tomcat or do you assume tomcat is running and you would
have to deploy your app under this running tomcat ?


In any case, it's fairly easy. Tomcat have a bunch of scripts or batch files
depending your os which allows  you to start, restart or stop the service.

What you would have to do would probably be to use a combination of
userinput and processpanel to achieve your goal.

Let's say you ask the user where tomcat home is located using a
userinputpanel. Put it into a variable called $tomcat_home, then you could
have a batch file doing as follows:




1. $tomcat_home/ or bat

2. do your deployment, i don't remember exactly how that works

3. $tomcat_home/ or bat


Obviously, at installation time, when arriving at the stage of the
processpanel, the variable will be substituted with the user inputs.


Hope that helps,



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Hi folks,


I need an installer for an web application. I would like to delploy the war
file via an manager application, like tomcat manager. How do I call such an
application from IzPack?





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