[izpack-users] How to preselect Force on the default uninstaller?

Przemek Skoskiewicz pskoskiewicz at nyc.rr.com
Tue Mar 14 03:43:52 CET 2006


The <uninstaller> tag allows one to change the name of the default uninstaller.
jar file, but is there a way to pre-select the "Force the deletion of [...]" 
button? I like what it does and I don't want the users to wonder whether they 
should or should not select that option.

A related question/observation: if I wrap my installer JAR file into an 
executable that also bundles JDK, in order to be completely independent of the 
user's environment, there is no way for me to clean up the installation 
directory cleanly during uninstallation. This is because there will always be a 
few of my JDK files that are actually used during running of the uninstaller.jar 
and they cannot be deleted on Windows while active. Has anyone managed to 
untagle that dependency? Creating a separate uninstaller script that attempts to 
delete the contents of the installation directory after invoking uninstall.jar 
doesn't work, unless I put a delay. However, the length of time it will take 
uninstaller.jar to run is unpredictable, so a fixed delay is not really a good 


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