[izpack-users] How to preselect Force on the default uninstaller?

Klaus Bartz bartzkau at gmx.net
Tue Mar 14 10:08:52 CET 2006

Hi Przemek,
see context related...



Am 14.03.2006, 03:43 Uhr, schrieb Przemek Skoskiewicz  
<pskoskiewicz at nyc.rr.com>:

> Hello,
> The <uninstaller> tag allows one to change the name of the default  
> uninstaller.
> jar file, but is there a way to pre-select the "Force the deletion of  
> [...]"
> button? I like what it does and I don't want the users to wonder whether  
> they
> should or should not select that option.

No, there is a hard "false" for selected at creating the check box and
no modification in the source.

> A related question/observation: if I wrap my installer JAR file into an
> executable that also bundles JDK, in order to be completely independent  
> of the
> user's environment, there is no way for me to clean up the installation
> directory cleanly during uninstallation. This is because there will  
> always be a
> few of my JDK files that are actually used during running of the  
> uninstaller.jar
> and they cannot be deleted on Windows while active. Has anyone managed to
> untagle that dependency? Creating a separate uninstaller script that  
> attempts to
> delete the contents of the installation directory after invoking  
> uninstall.jar
> doesn't work, unless I put a delay. However, the length of time it will  
> take
> uninstaller.jar to run is unpredictable, so a fixed delay is not really  
> a good
> option...
> Przemek

Do not wonder that it do not work with a bundled VM, do wonder that it  
for the uninstaller.jar self :-) On Windows used (locked) files cannot be  
deleted; to
delete uninstaller.jar we have made some hard coding around this problem.

On Windows "normaly" an uninstaller - which should deinstall a locked file  
sets a command into a special key of the registry and forces a reboot.
If you will do it, you can do it since IzPack 3.8 which offers registry  
There are more than one key for this; the names ends with "RunOnce".

But you know at this point: No warrenty in any kind...

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