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Hi Hal,

I wrote a similar mail a few weeks ago (see below).
If you have the time to analyze and fix the problem or need some
support (I'm not an expert in this field, too) send me your ideas.

best regards

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is there anyone who knows how to use the different compressors in IzPack?
I played around with "raw" and "bzip2" and different levels, for example

compile ... -c bzip2 -l 9

but I saw no (significant) influence on the installers size (only on the
time to build it).
For the application I want to pack, IzPack produces an 170 MB Jar. 
(with InstallShield I got an 60 MB exe!)


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> Betreff: [izpack-users] Using Compression in Packs
> When I was working on finding a way to integrate encrypting packs I 
> remember looking over some of the jar handling routines for input and 
> output.  I haven't done a lot with jars and IO is not one of 
> my strong 
> points, but it appears to me that there is no compression used at all 
> in creating packs or the entire install jar file.  Is this a 
> deliberate 
> decision and is there a reason for it?
> Would there be any interest in making a small change to add 
> compression?
> Would there be interest in the ability of the developer to pick a 
> desired level of compression?
> I started thinking about this when realizing that one of the 
> 4 packs I 
> need for my program is 91 MB and another one I haven't quite finished 
> with will likely be even larger.  It took over half an hour to upload 
> this 91MB pack to my web site in a test run today.  After 
> dealing with 
> that I would much rather wait longer for the pack or jar file to be 
> created and have a smaller file than to have such a large pack.
> Thanks!
> Hal
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