[izpack-users] Problem with variable substitution in parsed files

Pascal Quesseveur quesseveur at abaksystemes.fr
Wed Nov 15 18:53:42 CET 2006


I just discovered IzPack. Very impressive. Congratulations to all the

2 remarks:

- in locale french, the message "L'installation a échouée" should be
  "L'installation a échoué"

- Substitution of built-in variables works fine, but substitution of
  variables based on built-in variables doesn't work as I expected.

    <variable name="MYVAR" value="$INSTALL_PATH" />

  The file to parse contains the following lines:

  var1 = $INSTALL_PATH
  var2 = $MYVAR

  The result of the parse is:

  var1 = /tmp/install
  var2 = $INSTALL_PATH

  IMHO INSTALL_PATH should be expanded in var2 too.

Pascal Quesseveur, quesseveur at abaksystemes.fr

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