[izpack-users] Problem with variable substitution in parsed files

Bartz, Klaus Klaus.Bartz at coi.de
Thu Nov 16 09:22:32 CET 2006

Hi Pascal,
about french spelling I can say nothing...

About variable substitution:
what about
<variable name="MYVAR" value="$INSTALL_PATH" />
<variable name="MYVAR2" value="$MYVAR" />
on principle possible to handle this, but sometimes the 
result will be not the expected. And...
what should $MYVA2 contain? The contents of variables can 
change during installation e.g. $INSTALL_PATH will be initial
created depending form the OS and some settings on the current 
box. The real contents will be setted in TargetPanel.
Why not change the contents of MYVAR2 (e.g. to $MYVAR4) in a
custom panel? You see, there is no silver bullet.

Therefore we choose the more simple way: 
the VariableSubstitor do not substitute variables.



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>I just discovered IzPack. Very impressive. Congratulations to all the
>2 remarks:
>- in locale french, the message "L'installation a échouée" should be
>  "L'installation a échoué"
>- Substitution of built-in variables works fine, but substitution of
>  variables based on built-in variables doesn't work as I expected.
>  <variables>
>    <variable name="MYVAR" value="$INSTALL_PATH" />
>  </variables>
>  The file to parse contains the following lines:
>  var1 = $INSTALL_PATH
>  var2 = $MYVAR
>  The result of the parse is:
>  var1 = /tmp/install
>  var2 = $INSTALL_PATH
>  IMHO INSTALL_PATH should be expanded in var2 too.
>Pascal Quesseveur, quesseveur at abaksystemes.fr
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