[izpack-users] excludes="..." does not work

Bartz, Klaus Klaus.Bartz at coi.de
Tue Oct 10 12:03:06 CEST 2006

Hi Hans-Georg,
may be you do not like the syntax of the fileset.

the docu sad
"The <fileset> tag allows files to be specified using the powerful Jakarta Ant set syntax." 
That means, look into the docu of Ant sets and you know who to use.

Please clarify to us where are the differences between our fileset and the Jakarta
(now called Apache) Ant set. If not and you do not like it still please
send your lines about intelligence to the developer team of Ant.
I am really interested whether they change the syntax or not...
If so, IzPack will change at the next release automatically.
I think in the docu we can do also nothing. We delegate the fileset to
the Ant DirectoryScanner and the best is to refer also to the docu of it.

Sorry for the negative replay but I see no other alternative


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>On Mon, 09 Oct 2006 15:29:49 +0200, Hans-Georg Michna wrote:
>>As far as I can tell, the excludes="..." attribute does not
>>work, and neither does the <exclude name="..."/> tag. Example:
>><fileset dir="../../runtime" excludes="configuration"
>>Can anybody confirm or deny this? The element I'm trying to
>>exclude is a folder, and I'm trying to install on a Windows XP
>>I also tried excludes="../../runtime/configuration" and
>>excludes="**/configuration". Nothing works for me.
>Found a workaround, or maybe I hadn't understood how it works. I
>now write excludes="configuration configuration/**/*", i.e. I
>exclude the folder and then explicitly all its possible content.
>Strikes me as nonsense, because, if I exclude a folder, then
>it's pretty obvious that its content must be excluded as well.
>But anyway, the workaround works.
>If that's how it should be, then at least a remark belongs into
>the documentation that excluding a folder doesn't automatically
>exclude its content, because that's certainly not obvious to a
>normal user.
>I think it would be better if IzPack were intelligent enough to
>know that excluding a folder also means to exclude its contents,
>so maybe this could be taken as a wish for improvement.
>No mail, please.
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