[izpack-users] Problems with search field in UserInputPanel

Philip Reimer reimer at atb-bremen.de
Tue Oct 10 14:37:59 CEST 2006

Bartz, Klaus schrieb:
> Hi Philip,

Hi Klaus,

> for the UserInputPanel I can say nothing.
> For things you need I use the PathInputPanel (or an
> derived class of it). Some times ago I have written
> a panel to select a JRE. See above.
> You can set a version range in the install.xml using
> the IzPack variables "JREPathPanel.minVersion" and
> "JREPathPanel.maxVersion". If the VM which is used by the
> installation has a version in the range, it will be the default.
> The question is,where should the VM be? On my box the 1.3 is on
> c:\jdk1.3, the 1.4 is on f:\j2sdk1.4.2_06, the 1.5 is on
> F:\Programme\Java\jdk1.5.0_06 and so on. Not so easy to create
> a search rule.
> You can add to scan the registry on windows. but this need extended
> knowledge of java and IzPack.

I don't want to do an extended search. That's not so important. I would
just look in C:\Programme\Java, C:\Program Files\Java since that is the
default installation location Sun's windows installer recommends, if I
recall correctly (at least in all my jre 1.5 versions and my app needs a
jre 1.5). I was just wondering, why the JRE was not detected by the
search field although I copied the code from the documentation.

> If a wrong version will be selected, a warning will be placed.
> If no VM will be selected, an error will be placed.
> I think that is what you need.

Yes, that's definetly more important than a successful automatic search.
Frankly, I haven't been aware of the existence of a PathInputPanel until
now. So, I'll have a look at that and take a closer look at the
documentation. BTW, where can I find a more recent version since the one
mentioned on http://www.izforge.com/izpack/downloads is marked as outdated?

> Only that this need to handle creation of custom panels can be
> a barricade.

Anyway, thanks for the hints.

Greetings, Philip

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