[izpack-users] ConditionalUserInputPanel in 3.8.0 version - question

J-Pro joker.pro at gmail.com
Sat Oct 14 00:31:32 CEST 2006

Good afternoon, dear IzPack gurus!

I have another question: When I read IzPack 3.8.0 (build 2005.10.27) version 
changelog, I saw such change as: "New ConditionalUserInputPanel (Andreas 
Breiter, patches #407, #408).". There is no any information about such panel 
in IzPack doc, but  if it's what I think, then I REALLY need it. Can you 
please tell me what is it for and can it help me to ask user some question 
and make different acts if he answers yes or no? For example NOT install 
Apache Tomcat if he already has it and vice-versa - install it if he doesn't 
have it.

Thank you in advance! Really thank you. You're my only hope...

With respect,

Yurii Kartsev 

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