[izpack-users] Adding shortcuts to Linux application menu

Frederic Lapeyre frederic at lapeyre-frederic.com
Sun Oct 15 01:39:42 CEST 2006


Adding shortcuts in the application menu do not seam to work for me. (Desktop 
shortcuts work though). I am using mandriva LE 2005.

Shortcuts seem to go to <~/.kde/share/applnk-mdk> when it seems that they 
should be going to 
<~/.local/share/applications/Mandrakelinux/MoreApplications> I think. 

(Just some more details: for me, this MoreApplication folder has the correct 
list of my ProgramGroup (I mean the one that appear when the KDE menu pops 
up). Never changed since my Linux install and it list the following groups: 
Accessibiity, Databases, Development, Documentation, Editors, Emulators, 
Finance, Games, Science. I am assuming that adding a program group using 
izpack would include it in this list, with the application underneath).

Any clues? Many thanks.


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