[izpack-users] Alignment/Size problem with TargetPanel

Uwe Seimet Uwe.Seimet at seimet.de
Mon Oct 23 18:41:19 CEST 2006


Under Linux and on the Mac I have a visual problem with the TargetPanel.

When resizing (horizontally shrinking) a window with a TargetPanel the
"Browse" button on the right starts to vanish because the panel's input
field ("Select the installation path") hardly changes it's width, so that
the button is shifted out of the window.
Would it be possible to change the default layout so that if the window
is resized the input fields gets smaller (shorter) and the browse button
is not affected and remains completely visible?

I have added a screenshot showing the problem under Linux. One can also see
that the left border of the input field vanishes behind an image if one
is present on the left of the target panel. The actual selection path in
the screenshot is "MyProgramName".

Best regards,  Uwe

  Dr. Uwe Seimet                                http://www.seimet.de/
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