[izpack-users] Alignment/Size problem with TargetPanel

Bartz, Klaus Klaus.Bartz at coi.de
Tue Oct 24 12:18:09 CEST 2006

Hi Uwe,
it is a bug, not feature.
I assume that you use IzPack 3.9 because there I can reproduce.
I have just fixed the bug in the svn trunk. If you have installed
the sources you can simple perform following changes:

--- izpack-src/trunk/src/lib/com/izforge/izpack/gui/IzPanelLayout.java	2006-10-20 21:34:51 UTC (rev 1632)
+++ izpack-src/trunk/src/lib/com/izforge/izpack/gui/IzPanelLayout.java	2006-10-24 09:59:14 UTC (rev 1633)
@@ -814,7 +814,7 @@
-                if (realSizeDim.width - insets.right > xpos && rowStretch > 0.0)
+                if (realSizeDim.width - insets.right != xpos && rowStretch > 0.0)
                 { // Compute only if there is space to share and at least one control should be
                     // stretched.
                     int pixel = realSizeDim.width - insets.right - xpos; // How many pixel we



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>Subject: [izpack-users] Alignment/Size problem with TargetPanel
>Under Linux and on the Mac I have a visual problem with the 
>When resizing (horizontally shrinking) a window with a TargetPanel the
>"Browse" button on the right starts to vanish because the panel's input
>field ("Select the installation path") hardly changes it's 
>width, so that
>the button is shifted out of the window.
>Would it be possible to change the default layout so that if the window
>is resized the input fields gets smaller (shorter) and the 
>browse button
>is not affected and remains completely visible?
>I have added a screenshot showing the problem under Linux. One 
>can also see
>that the left border of the input field vanishes behind an image if one
>is present on the left of the target panel. The actual 
>selection path in
>the screenshot is "MyProgramName".
>Best regards,  Uwe
>  Dr. Uwe Seimet                                http://www.seimet.de/

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