[izpack-users] Alignment/Size problem with TargetPanel

Bartz, Klaus Klaus.Bartz at coi.de
Wed Oct 25 09:58:36 CEST 2006

Hi Uwe,
sorry, normaly I use NORTH_WEST anchor. There the TargetPanel works
as assumed. But bug is bug and this is really no peanuts.
In your situation (anchor CENTER, I assume) it is possible that the 
generell offsets will be less than zero. The result you know...

Therefore next patch:
--- izpack-src/trunk/src/lib/com/izforge/izpack/gui/IzPanelLayout.java	2006-10-24 09:59:14 UTC (rev 1633)
+++ izpack-src/trunk/src/lib/com/izforge/izpack/gui/IzPanelLayout.java	2006-10-25 07:50:05 UTC (rev 1634)
@@ -933,6 +933,8 @@
+        if(generellOffset[0] < 0 ) generellOffset[0] = 0;
+        if(generellOffset[1] < 0 ) generellOffset[1] = 0;
         return (retval);
Hope it works now. In the current version some gaps are changed.
May be this will amaze you.
But you can configure them. Look into docu or as example into



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>Hi Klaus,
>> it is a bug, not feature.
>> I assume that you use IzPack 3.9 because there I can reproduce.
>> I have just fixed the bug in the svn trunk. If you have installed
>> the sources you can simple perform following changes:
>Thank you for posting the patch. This patch improves the situation a
>bit, but problems remain:
>- When making the window smaller (horizontally) the text in the input
>  field is still partially hidden by the image on the left.
>- The "Browse" button is now always visible, but when making the window
>  smaller a blank area remains on the right of this button. One would
>  expect the button to remain on the very right of the window.
>I have attached a new screenshot, based on the result from the patched
>I am sorry that I do not have the time to have a closer look at the
>sources, in order to help with improving IzPack ...
>Best regards,  Uwe

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