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Thu Oct 26 07:25:45 CEST 2006

Hi Jeff,

To be brief.....

You're right about the fact that currently you can't have multiple 
I can see many solutions to your problem depending on how skilled you are 
with scripting or java...

Just liked you said, you could use the executable tag, and if having an 
output is what you desire you can work this out in many ways.
First of all, are you on unix-like system or windows ?

If unix-like, i'm pretty sure that you know already that there's a bunch of 
ways to do so without any main problem... you could simply use a shell 
script to do so, or use gtk to have panels... and so on. (i can help for 
scripting if needed)

If windows like (most likely i guess :-( ), then the first solution, a bit 
ugly but easy, is to create a vbscript which will echo in a windows the 
results of your scripts. Second solution is a batch file, still ugly and 
less easy.......

Now, in both cases, unix or windows, you could create a java class with a 
panel that runs you're statements and print them out. Then from the 
installer call that class using the <executeclass> tag. See docu in under 
ProcessPanel -> Execute Java Classes.

Now last but not least, the best solution i believe is to create your own 
custom panel, see docu under Creating Your Own Panel. This way you can do 
anyting you like as long as you know java a bit as well as IzPack project 
If if you go for it and need help, anyone in here will help you out as much 
as possible.

Each solution got pros and cons, depending on your patience, skills and 
schedule :-) The choice is up to you !

One last thing, i'm currently working with some others guyz of the proj to 
implement a skeleton that would allow everypanel to have multiple instances 
(of course we'll need to put restrictions there... but whatever....). I 
think that it will be ready for next release. I can promise any date yet 


PS: Told you, it would be brief :-)

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> Is it possible to have multiple ProcessPanels in an install?  Based on my
> informal testing, I believe the answer is no.  Can anyone confirm?
> Here's what I'm trying to achieve. We have a frequent build process of our
> product.  To run our product, you launch 3 java processes.  When we run 
> the
> install, I want to first shutdown the Java processes if they are running,
> install the product and then restart the processes.
> I'd like to have something that looks like this:
>  <resources>
> <res id="start_servers"   src="ProcessPanel.StartServers.xml"/>
> <res id="stop_servers"   src="ProcessPanel.StopServers.xml"/>
>    </resources>
>    <panels>
>        <panel classname="HelloPanel"/>
>        <panel classname="TargetPanel"/>
>        <panel classname="ProcessPanel" id="stop_serversl"/>
>        <panel classname="PacksPanel"/>
>        <panel classname="InstallPanel"/>
>        <panel classname="ProcessPanel" id="start_serversl"/>
>        <panel classname="FinishPanel"/>
>    </panels>
> Here's what I've found:
> 1) You can have multiple ProcessPanels defined in your <panels> tag.
> 2) The ProcessPanels only use definitions in a file named
> ProcessPanel.Spec.xml.
> 3) The existence of an id attribute for the panel is ignored.
> I can probably get this to work by defining some files as <executable> in 
> my
> <pack>
> sections, but I like the visibility to the user that ProcessPanel 
> provides,
> showing
> what's being run and the output in the window.
> If the answer is that IzPack does not currently support this behavior, 
> would
> it be a
> resonable feature for a future release?
> BTW . . . kudos and thanks to the development team.  I've been working 
> with
> the product for
> just a few weeks and really like it.  I love the simiplicity of the XML
> development structure.
> Great job!
> Thanks,
> Jeff Schnitter
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