[izpack-users] <executable> timing

jschnitter jeff.schnitter at workday.com
Thu Oct 26 02:51:53 CEST 2006

I'd like to install a file as part of a pack and execute that file before any
other packs are installed.  Possible?  It seems like the answer is no.

I have a related post from today that discusses multiple ProcessPanels. 
This is related to that issue.

It's possible that I have servers running from a previous install of my
product.  If so, I want to stop these servers before the install attempts to
install new files.  I actually have this working by using the ProcessPanel
to stop the servers and an <executable> tag for a file to start the servers.

The problem now is that it doesn't work on a fresh install because I have to
have ProcessPanel before I install.  However, this fails on a fresh install
because the ProcessPanel attempts to run a file that will not be installed
until the packs are installed.

What I'd really like to see is support for stage="now" for the exectuable
which means, run this right after installing this pack, but before the rest
of the packs are installed.  From my observations, it appears that all packs
are installed and then all executable files are run.

This is what my first pack would look like:

        <pack name="Scripts" required="yes">
           <description>Startup and test scripts</description>
         rest of my packs


Are my observations correct?  Is there another way I could achieve what I
want to do?


Jeff Schnitter

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