[izpack-users] <executable ...> doesn't work

Bartz, Klaus Klaus.Bartz at coi.de
Fri Oct 27 14:42:44 CEST 2006

Hi Hans-Georg,
I know that there was (is) a bug related to <executable> tag.
At the time you have written the problems I have made
a test project and tested and debugged it. Additional I have
made an investigation in the svn to see at what time the
change of the default was.
The bug is in the docu because the behavior of IzPack 
(default "never") has never changed. 
I agree with you that this have to be fixed.
I have done it at 2006.10.20.

After it some mails have been needed to close impasses and
came to the ground. Your conclusions were possible but
with that powerful opinion sometimes a little bit fast.
May be the time would be better investigated for new

I have learned, that I have to be more stringent in
demand on sufficient informations. It costs only time to
guess the reason of a problem.
On the JAI mailing list (Java Advanced Imaging from sunsoft)
often a problem will only performed if the user sends a runable
demo. That should I claim also.

Your mails have me triggert to look around (before I have
settled to IzPack I have tested more than one other installer,
but this are some years ago) to other installer. 
It seems so that you have tested install4j.
In opposite to IzPack install4j has a nice GUI. But I see
only the way via custom code to make the same as IzPacks
<execute> tag. 
Again, how can I execute programms OS dependant in install4j?



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