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Fri Oct 27 22:00:58 CEST 2006

Hi Klaus,

> Hi Hans-Georg,
> I know that there was (is) a bug related to <executable> tag.
> At the time you have written the problems I have made
> a test project and tested and debugged it. Additional I have
> made an investigation in the svn to see at what time the
> change of the default was.
> The bug is in the docu because the behavior of IzPack 
> (default "never") has never changed. 
> I agree with you that this have to be fixed.
> I have done it at 2006.10.20.

I'm getting lost in this conversation... quite hard to follow :-)
Did i miss something in the docu for the executable ? I believe that never has always been the default stage , no ?
If i'm wrong, i apologize for users and developers and i shall fix that right away.

> Your mails have me triggert to look around (before I have
> settled to IzPack I have tested more than one other installer,
> but this are some years ago) to other installer. 
> It seems so that you have tested install4j.
> In opposite to IzPack install4j has a nice GUI. But I see
> only the way via custom code to make the same as IzPacks
> <execute> tag. 
> Again, how can I execute programms OS dependant in install4j?

May i add my opinion ?
When i started looking for installers, i search everywhere. I mean it !! I looked at every single available installer on earth :-)
Commercials, Open Source, Freeware, Software... Whatever ! My company gave me 2 weeks just to find which one to choose because they know that a good installer can make the difference in time saving, support and efficiency !
Now, not only i chose IzPack but i'm part of this great community ! That's because i believe that IzPack offers much more than many of other installers and more importantly it's higly custumizable and well supported by people like you and uncountable others !

Also as far as the GUI is concerned, we have a devoted developer who's working on it hardly ! and i tried the first versions which were quite amazing already. I assume that in a close future we will have it. (Even though i prefer the good old fashion xml based programming)

So long !


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